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Adult Phonics



Are you: 


  • Unsure if your pronunciation is accurate?
  • Wanting to improve your confidence by speaking well?
  • Wanting to guide your child in learning how to read with phonics?
  • Interested in learning more about how phonics and phonetics work?
Course will cover: 
  • The whole phonics textbook
  • Correction of difficult sounds like /l/ and /r/ sound
  • Decoding long words 
  • Pronunciation of German and French names
  • How to help your own children to read better
  • Small class and therefore everyone will have a chance to practice their pronunciation
Read how phonics lessons have benefitted a previous student:  

Before I took phonics lessons from Power Phonics & Literacy, I was someone who couldn’t speak proper English as I was over-reliant on my strong command of the Chinese language. Thus, it’s not difficult to imagine that I speak Chinese accentuated English which obviously does not make me sound like a good English speaker. Being worried about how not speaking good English would negatively affect my image, I was delighted to have found this course.


Phonics lessons allowed me to be acquainted with the correct way of pronouncing English words and gave me confidence that I’m speaking English the right way! In fact, the result was so good that when I was in university, I was often mistaken as a graduate of a Raffles Junior College because of how well I speak. And now, I’m still reaping benefits from it as speaking well helps me to establish positive first impression in my banking career.


-- Jieming, former adults phonics student

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